Fan Episodes Edit

  1. Shaman or the Secret File of the Voodoo Villainess - Ralph takes a day off in the Hawaiian Islands, while a Voodoo Sorceress plans to use the Boars to invade the Islands.
  2. Serenade or the Secret File of the Tone-Deaf Tabbies - Catastrophe plans to Recruit Three felines, whose horrible singing can cause disasters like exploding televisions, melting paintings, and robots to come apart, but only Ralph and Mitzi can convince the Cats not to join Catastrophe's cause.
  3. Romance or the Secret File of the Culinary Compassion - While anonomously helping His owner practice for a culinary contest, Noodle falls for a Papillon-Porcelaine Canine named Mauve, who belongs to another competitor.
  4. Moggies or the Secret File of Kitten Knowledge - Ralph, Mitzi, and Scribble bonds with a group of Smarter-than-normal kittens who want a home.
  5. Allure or the Secret File of the Catnipped Canines - Catastrophe sends out the Siamese Sisters disguised as dogs to infiltrate and charm the male Spy Dog agents, to thin their ranks.
  6. Scoundrels or the Secret File of the Mutinous Mutts - The Spy Dogs track down a group of rogue canines who are in hiding for 6 months.
  7. Aztecs or the Secret File of the Tricky Treasure - Ralph, Mitzi, and Erin are trapped in a pyramid while escaping Feline warriors, where a treasure is waiting...

Fan Characters Edit

Dogs Edit

  • Mauve - A Papillon-Porcelaine Dog who is Noodle's puppyhood friend and girlfriend. Her Spy dog specialty is Disguise.

Humans Edit

  • Nomana - A Shaman who uses boars and other animals to terrorize the Hawaiian Islands

Cats Edit

  • Claire, Cello, and Pian - Three Felines who sing so horribly, They unintentionally cause disasters.
  • Sable and the Moggies - Mixed-breed kittens who wants to have a home.
  • The Siamese Sisters - a group of 6 siamese cats who tried to charm the Male Spy Dog agents while disguised as Beautiful Thai Ridgeback Canines.

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